Marble is a classic stone that has been used for thousands of years. Ancient buildings, monuments, statues and carvings have been crafted out of marble since the beginning of time. Marble is a metaphoric rock found in places like Greece, Spain and Italy. Marble is a soft stone that is easy to carve into. Today it is a popular choice for countertops, shown frequently in magazines and on HDTV. Marble is very beautiful, but we consider it a high maintenance stone that needs to be taken care of like a fine piece of furniture. It easily scratches and etches from things such as cleaners, limes, lemonade, tomato sauce, coffee, and other acidic things you typically use in your kitchen. Overtime your marble will develop a patina finish that shows everyday wear and tear.

The first step in natural stone countertops is choosing a color. Marble comes in a variety colors and tends to have a soft pattern to it.  Your countertops can be a focal point or be more subtle. You can bring in some contrast with your counertops or go for a soft monochromatic scheme. Is there a specific color you want to accent? As part of the process all of our customers are encouraged to select your exact slabs for your project from our preferred distributors. Small samples are typically not an effective representation of the entire slab. Starting with samples will help you narrow down colors and pattern.

We categorize marble into 1-5 price groups. Price group 1 being the least expensive. The price is depended on the availability of the stone quarry and the transportation costs associated with where it comes from in the world.