Granite is the natural stone of choice for kitchen and bathroom countertops in Northern Arizona because of its natural beauty and performance. Granite is a natural product and every slab is unique. These variations give granite its natural beauty.

The first step in natural stone countertops is choosing a color. Granite comes in just about every color
& pattern imaginable.  Some have a grain pattern with lots of movement and others have a consistent repetitive pattern. Your countertops can be a focal point or be more subtle. You can bring in some contrast with your counertops or go for a soft monochromatic scheme. Is there a specific color you want to accent? As part of the process all of our customers are encouraged to select your exact slabs for your project from our preferred distributors. Small samples are typically not an effective representation of the entire slab. Starting with samples will help you narrow down colors and pattern.

We categorize granite into 1-5 price groups. Price group 1 being the least expensive. The price is depended on the availability of the stone quarry and the transportation costs associated with where it comes from in the world.


Granite Countertop Care 
Granite is a relatively hard, non-porous stone unaffected by most chemicals. It's an ingenious stone formed by fire. Once a molten flowing mass it cooled and become dense & hard. Granite is second in hardness next to diamonds. It's resistant to blistering, scratching, cracking, and scorching.

Most granite's are polished to a high gloss with water and diamonds. Using cleaners not formulated for natural stone such as Windex, Bleach or 409 will dull the gloss and strip your sealer. Granite can be cleaned with warm water and a soft cloth. Mild dish soap or any cleaner formulated for natural stone is safe to use on your granite countertops.

We recommend sealing your granite countertops every 2 years with an oil based sealer.

How to Clean A Granite Countertop Video

511 Porous Plus Sealer
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**This is the initial sealer we apply when installing your countertops with Stone Creations. It is recommended to always use the same type of sealer throughout the life of your countertop**


Black Diamond Granite Cleaner

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**We have tested many granite cleaners and this is our favorite. Doesn't leave streaks**